Graffiti Friday(Week 24)

Enjoy this dope street art found across Philly. While you’re at it feel free to check out the PhiladelphiaGraffiti Instagram Page for daily content.

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Album of Philly Graffiti. - Which is up to 243 unique pieces of street art.

Instagram: PhiladelphiaGraffiti 

loladelphia has been recording Philly Graffiti Artist showing off their handstyles in his black book…Be sure to definitely check those videos out here

So I attached my GoPro to my DSLR while I did some urban exploring.. decided to make a quick video of it. Enjoy.

One last photo of this since I know how much y’all love it.


Todays tiny discovery.


Little side by side comparison of my DSLR (top) and my GoPro (bottom).


Damn.. I just realized I haven’t posted a cat picture in like a month.. my bad guys.

loladelphia asked:
My man Joe. You do Philadelphia the way I wish I could do it. True, honest, and unfiltered to a higher degree than anything I have done or probably every will do. No other site touches the stuff you have featured with the amount of sensitivity and realness attached to it. Anyone who says you are exploiting people truly misses the point of who you are as a person, fails to see the point of what real street photography is. You're insanely talented, and above all, I'm happy to call you my friend.

My mann. Let’s keep doing our thing.

eyes-like-bette-davis asked:
I like most of your photos. But posting that photo on a social media site for "likes" shows a serious lack of empathy. Imagine how humiliating it is to be publicly arrested. And imagine looking up while that's happening, and seeing a complete stranger pointing his lens at you for his Tumblr photo blog. Street photography is about building compassion and intimacy by documenting the experiences of people from different backgrounds. Not about taking "shocking" photos without consent of the subject.

If you think I post pictures to my “Tumblr photo blog” simply for likes then you have no idea who I am as a photographer. If I wanted to post pictures for likes I would just take black and white self-portraits or photos of the sun setting on the beach..But I like to be original.

If a heroin user starts to overdose on the street in Kensington, I’m going to take the picture.

If a kid gets hit by a car while crossing the street, I’m going to take the picture.

And if a woman is kicking, screaming, and resisting arrest, I’m going to take the picture.

I’m a photojournalist, it’s what I’ve been training myself to do for the past 3 years. I plan on becoming a conflict photographer, where people could be dying in front of me and it would be my job to photograph that. I have to separate emotion from my craft. I’m not sorry that offends you. Don’t try and tell me what street photography is, I’m well aware of what it is, I shoot the streets 6 days a week kid.

Thanks for your “question”.

I am a street photographer.

This is what happens on the streets.

Deal with it.

My amigo Roberto

"You want to see my uncles Cock?"


"Trust me, he’s incredible, 18-0.. They call him Mayweather cause he never loses a fight."

"Y’all aint ever have a bad fucking day before?!"


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