Puerto Rican Day Parade.


I fuck with this mural.

The Twins.




curly-headed-fnck asked:
As a young photographer living in Philadelphia I was wondering if you have any advice to give

Philly is by far the best place to be when being a young photographer. I wouldn’t say I’m qualified to give advice since I’ve only been photographing for a couple years, but heres what I picked up so far.

Photograph every day -  Well, at least as much as possible. When I first started my blog I did the 365 Photo Challenge which basically forced me to bring my camera everywhere. By the end of the challenge, leaving my house without my camera felt stranger then leaving with it.

Get out of your comfort zone - Even if it’s a slow week by week progress. Your work won’t get better if you don’t start doing things you’re not that comfortable with. When I first started shooting I would always stay within a 4 or 5 block radius from Temple but after a while I would make sure to further my travels block by block. Looking back at my work, I can see myself getting better the further I left my comfort zone. Now, I feel comfortable walking all over North Philly and Kensington. I’m not sure if you’re shooting street or fashion or whatever but I feel like that concept applies to any area of photography.

Socialize and Connect - Whether it’s through the people on streets, Instagram, or photographers/bloggers on Tumblr. Meet and connect with everybody you can. You never know how important those connections can be and you’ll also never know what great friends you can make if you don’t do this.

I know I only brought up three points of advice but I feel like if you focus on these things then you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your work. Philadelphia is an amazing city to Photograph because of it’s character and the fact that there aren’t hundreds of other photographers running around taking pictures. I don’t know how, but Philly seems to be an undiscovered gem. In my opinion there’s only 1 other blog on Tumblr that consistently captures the true essence of Philadelphia. There’s an opportunity for your work to stand out as long as you work at it.

I hope this helps, like I said I’m still a young photographer as well so I’m sure I have tons of shit to learn. 

photographer215 Also had a similar question so I hope this helps for you.

***Edit: loladelphia said: Don’t forget: be safe and trust your instincts. If something seems wrong or out of place, get the fuck out of there.

^Word I can’t believe I forgot to mention that hahah. 

Graffiti Friday (Week 25)

As you may know, my hard drive failed recently so I lost close to 300 graffiti photos. Luckily, Philly is dope and puts out dope work consistently so it wasn’t hard to find some awesome pieces. Enjoy.

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Album of Philly Graffiti. - Which is up to 243 unique pieces of street art.

Instagram: PhiladelphiaGraffiti 

loladelphia has been recording Philly Graffiti Artist showing off their handstyles in his black book…Be sure to definitely check those videos out here



Tony Banas



I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous.

Ran into Tony Banas today.

Dilworth Park

me and this kid feeling the same way right now..

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